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  • Jamaica

    Domestic Food Crop Production and Marketing Project

    The program provides seeds, fertilizers; contributions for irrigation equipment; technical advice and market consultancies in order to increase productivity and production of selected crops for the local market and export.

  • Mexico

    Programa de Desarrollo de Capacidades, Innovación Tecnológica y Extensionismo Rural

    El programa entrega apoyos en servicios de asistencia técnica, capacitación, extensionismo; en proyectos de investigación y transferencia de tecnología y en fomento al desarrollo gerencial de las organizaciones sociales y de los comités sistema producto en el marco del Servicio Nacional de Capacitación y Asistencia Técnica Rural Integral.

  • Peru

    Proyecto Sierra y Selva Alta

    El Proyecto Sierra y Selva Alta del Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego (MINAGRI) busca contribuir a la reducción de la pobreza rural por medio de la valorización de activos de pequeños productores rurales, acceso a servicios financieros y no financieros, y capacidades para el desarrollo local con enfoque territorial. 

  • Argentina

    Pro-Huerta Program

    Pro-Huerta Program aims for self-production based on agro-ecology, its main objective is to improve food sovereignty, encourage participation and organization of vulnerable sectors of the population and promote the commercialization of production surpluses. With its 23 years of development, the Pro Huerta works in training and technical assistance for families, organizations and community organizations, provides inputs such as seed, fruit, livestock and tools. It is a program of the Ministry of Social Development and the National Agricultural Technology Institute.

  • Argentina

    Program for the Development of Rural Areas

    Program for Development of Rural Areas is a national program, which aims to contribute to the social and productive cohesion of people in the rural sector of Argentina, promoting the creation of conditions for sustainable development of rural areas, with special attention to indigenous communities and young people.

  • Argentina

    Program for Inclusive Rural Development

    The Program for Inclusive Rural Development (PRODERI) is an initiative of the Government of Argentina partially funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Spain’s Food Security Co-financing Facility Trust Fund. The PRODERI aims to promote the improvement of social and productive conditions for poor rural families and increase their incomes as a result of increased production, insertion in value chains and creating job opportunities. The program is national in scope, with priority for the northwestern provinces and includes a progressive reach to the rest of the country with a temporary extension of six years.

  • Chile

    Indigenous Territorial Development Program

    The Indigenous Territorial Development Program of the Institute of Agricultural Development, is preferably executed through municipalities, which the Institute of Agricultural Development transfers resources to them through service delivery contracts. These resources should be allocated towards hiring of technical equipment, providing ongoing technical advice to beneficiary farmers of the program, which should be organized within Operating Units of between 60 to 180 farmers.

  • El Salvador

    Comprehensive Care Program for Small-Scale Productive Settlements

    The program seeks to strengthen the organization of productive small scale settlements contributing to their social economic development through comprehensive technical support and advice.

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  • Guatemala

    "Chapín" Corn Against Hunger Program

    Under the “Zero Hunger Pact”, this Program aims to increase production of corn and beans in certain areas of the country, particularly supporting small producers, through technical assistance for sustainable management of production, training and workshops on organizational strengthening and networking for farmers and links to potential markets; this is done so that in four years, more than 3,000 family farmers may increase their income, while the government will use this production for social programs linked to Zero Hunger; this will also provide policy support for the livestock sector and dairy farmers, so that quality production is promoted as well as livestock breeding and production of meat and milk, through training and technical assistance.

    • Technical Assistance
  • Barbados

    Land for the Landless Programme

    It is a government initiative whereby arable public and private land, leased or a loan is agreed so that farmers can have access to it. It seeks to increase agricultural production, create employment opportunities and enhance the contribution of agriculture to gross domestic product (GDP).The institution in charge of the program is The Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (BADMC).