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  • Honduras

    Bono Capacidades Especiales

    Forma parte del Programa de Asignación Familiar, es una transferencia anual condicionada de $40 USD, para personas con capacidades especiales viviendo en extrema pobreza.

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  • Paraguay

    Programa Nacional para la Disminución del Trabajo Infantil

    Program implemented since 2005 for prevention, intervention and protection of children and youths who perform agricultural economic activities in public spaces, brick factories, and landfills; the ultimate goal is to eliminate child labor. The program provides conditional cash transfers, health and nutrition services, food aid and facilities for childcare. The initiative is run by the National Secretariat for Childhood and Youths.

  • Paraguay

    Programa Tekoporâ

    Since 2005 serves households in extreme poverty by delivering cash transfers, subject to compliance with requirements, for 72 consecutive months. The initiative is  a responsibility under the Ministry of Social Action and has national coverage.

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  • Dominican Republic

    Progressing with Solidarity

    It is a Program that is the responsibility of the President of the Republic; it protects the poorest families of the Dominican Republic, and contributes towards the wealth of its human and social capital by providing conditional cash transfers, in order to ensure a minimum consumption for these families and ensure their access to basic health and education services. Families also receive socio-educational accompaniment that promotes individual and collective empowerment and promotes their development process.

  • Jamaica

    Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education

    Conditional transfer program funded by the Government of Jamaica and the World Bank, intended to deliver benefits through cash subsidies to the most vulnerable people in the country.

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  • Mexico

    Social Inclusion Program "PROSPERA"

    “PROSPERA” articulates and coordinates the institutional offer of programs and actions regarding  social policy, including those related to the promotion of production, income generation, economic, financial and labor inclusion, education, food and health; aimed towards the population which lives in extreme poverty, under responsibility schemes that enable families to improve their living conditions and ensure the enjoyment of their social rights and access to social development with equal opportunities.

  • Trinidad and Tobago

    Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme

    CCT program with an emphasis on psycho-social work with families. The program provides a monetary bonus for beneficiary families, facilitates access to other programs and social services, and provides family support.

  • Uruguay

    Tarjeta Uruguay Social

    This program aims to provide to individuals living in vulnerable conditions the access to basic food products and the opportunity to feed themselves and buy necessities according to the characteristics of each family. This takes place through cash transfers provided by magnetic cards (the "Social Uruguay" card) plus delivery fortified milk for those families who have members younger than three years old.

  • Haiti

    Ti Manman Cheri

    It is a social protection program of the Haitian Government created in order to help mothers to support their families and invest in the education of her children. To be a beneficiary of the program, the mother must belong to a vulnerable home and should have her child regularly attending school.

    Ti Manman Cheri
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  • Haiti

    Kore moun Andikape & Kore Granmoun

    These are social assistance programs that benefit the most vulnerable population that cannot work. These programs sustain the population that does not have the means to meet their needs through cash transfers of HTG$800 (USD$18) every two months.

    Kore moun Andikape & Kore Granmoun
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