FNS related programs in Haiti

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    Ti Manman Cheri

    It is a social protection program of the Haitian Government created in order to help mothers to support their families and invest in the education of her children. To be a beneficiary of the program, the mother must belong to a vulnerable home and should have her child regularly attending school.

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    Kore moun Andikape & Kore Granmoun

    These are social assistance programs that benefit the most vulnerable population that cannot work. These programs sustain the population that does not have the means to meet their needs through cash transfers of HTG$800 (USD$18) every two months.

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    Bon Dijan Solidarité

    This is an emergency program against climatic and geological events. The program delivers the sum of HTG$1,000 (USD$21) for wrecked homes, only one time. The number of beneficiaries varies depending on the extent of damage, the number of affected families and the availability of resources held by the government. Bon Dijan is part of the National Stratégie d'Assistance Sociale.

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    Panye Solidarite

    Solidarite Panye is a food aid program of the Haitian Government. For 12 months, vulnerable families living in areas with food insecurity receive a basic food basket of about USD$12. The program is part of the National Stratégie d'Assistance Sociale.

  • Haiti

    Kantin Mobil

    Kantin Mobil is a food aid program. The government deployed 12 mobile canteens that can produce up to 400 hot meals daily to be distributed to vulnerable populations mainly in urban areas. The program also provides hot food dishes in an emergency.

  • Haiti

    Programme National des Cantines Scolaires

    Programa de alimentación escolar de Haití, creado en julio de 1997. En el año escolar 2015-2016, se estima que alrededor de 867.000 niños y niñas en edad escolar reciben alimentación escolar. Pese a la importancia de la alimentación escolar en las políticas nacionales, el PNCS no se encuentra verdaderamente institucionalizado en las estructuras de gobierno. Numerosas ONGs y congregaciones religiosas intervienen en la alimentación escolar sin relacionarse con instituciones gubernamentales, en su mayoría con apoyo de financiamiento extranjero. Dichos actores representan financiamientos significativos y no contabilizado del sector.

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