FNS related programs in Belize

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    School Feeding Program

    Belize’s "School Feeding Program" is part of the national effort to reduce child malnutrition, and help schools (elementary education) have adequate food to enable schoolchildren to develop their physical and intellectual capacities, especially for the student that can normally function in class. Therefore, Belize’s school feeding program aims to provide adequate food in each school for its students, either by buying food, getting donations and / or having their own gardens to harvest their own food. In this way the student should not pay the full value of their food, but this value is reduced by making donations or community food harvests in school gardens.

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    Food Pantry Program

    It is a program that fights against, by providing a weekly basic food basket valued at USD$25, which can be bought at half the value previously indicated by program beneficiaries.

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    Non Contributory Pension Program

    It is a program that officially starts its work in 2003. This program is part of the strategy of the Government of Belize to reduce poverty in the country. In addition, it is part of long-term policies on the agenda of Social Security. Social Security is the institution responsible for the implementation, monitoring and program management. The program is to pay a monthly pension of USD$100 to women over 65 and men over 67 who are permanent citizens and do not have any other source of income, or that their source of income is not sufficient to subsist.

  • Belize

    Sugar Cane Replanting Program

    The "Sugar Cane Replanting" program is a way to channel the donations made by the European Union through the "Caribbean Development Bank", which seeks to reduce poverty and improve living standards in the northern region’s sugar cane production in the country. In this way the producers of sugar cane, through the bank "Development Finance Corporation" belonging to the government of Belize, may obtain direct, or indirect loans through institutions in the form of loans, with the sole purpose of replanting sugarcane. In the same line with the donation of the European Union, it strengthens the "Sugar Industry Research and Development Institute" (SIRDI), an organization that takes care of providing technical tools and assistance to producers of sugar cane.

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    Building Opportunities for Our Social Transformation Initiative

    "Building Opportunities for Our Social Transformation Initiative" begins in 2011, which is a conditional cash transfer program, which focuses on families living in poverty. Such transfers are effective to meet any of the three main requirements: immunize children under 5; regular prenatal  checkups for pregnant women performed in health centers; and send children to school with a minimum of 85% attendance. When any of these requirements is met the program grants on a monthly basis between BZD$44 and BZD$82 (USD$22 - USD$41) per person, with a maximum of 6 beneficiaries per family. The program also supports the poorest families’ access to financial services such as savings incentives and help get microcredits in order to bring families closer to financial independence.

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    Basic Needs Trust Fund

    It is a program that promotes poverty reduction through socio-economic initiatives and community empowerment. It is an initiative of the Government of Belize, the Government of Chain and Caribbean Development Bank.

  • Belize

    Sickness Benefit

    Es un beneficio semanal en efectivo que se paga hasta un máximo de 234 días a la persona asegurada menor de 65 años que no puede trabajar temporalmente debido a una enfermedad y que se encuentra empleada al momento de la enfermedad.

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