Programa Nutrición para la Vida

About the program

Program which since 2006 has been developed by the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) which aims to improve the nutritional status in the country.

Country Venezuela
Home 2006
Classification Nutritional Health
FNS Dimension Utilización


Improve the nutritional status of the country.

Components and/or products

Combat undernourishment and malnutrition

The program accelerates the necessary measures to address the deficiencies and risks encountered from the direct participation of People's Power in order to obtain effective solutions to the problems resulting from malnutrition; and an institutional approach that recovers the infrastructure and provision of Services for Education and Nutritional Recuperation (SERN) which also trains health personnel attending children living with malnutrition. The INN, in an effort to improve the nutritional profile of the people which were previously excluded, adapted the NPV to benefit the indigenous peoples who have modified their eating habits.

Target population

The country’s population, with an emphasis on children and indigenous peoples.



Geographical coverage Urbano
Responsible organism

Instituto Nacional de Nutrición

Executing organism Instituto Nacional de Nutrición