Programa Educación Alimentaria Nutricional

About the program

A Program under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, the program seeks to address malnutrition and childhood obesity.

Country Bolivia
Home 12.31.1969
Classification Extension and information on nutrition
FNS Dimension Utilización


To help improve the nutritional status of the Bolivian population by preventing nutritional problems and promoting healthy eating habits, hygiene practices and efficient use of food incorporating these into the lifestyles of the students, families and communities.

Specific objectives

  • Incorporate food and nutrition content into the base curriculum, regionalized and diversified for the plurinational educational system.
  • Apply contents of food and nutrition in the educational process.
  • Reduce consumption of unhealthy foods.
  • Increase diversified and healthy menus according to the food culture of the region and the community
Target population
  1. Students within the regular education subsystem.
  2. Civil society.


Geographical coverage Urbano
Responsible organism

Ministerio de Educación

Executing organism Ministerio de Educación
Related institutions Ministerio de Salud
Related national policies

Política de Alimentación y Nutrición en el Marco del Saber Alimentarse para Vivir Bien

Normative framework

Decreto Supremo Nº 2167, 30 de octubre de 2014 que aprueba la Política de Alimentación y Nutrición; y modifica el Artículo 4 del Decreto Supremo Nº 28667, de 5 de abril de 2006.