Programa de Producción de Alimentos y Restitución de Bosques

About the program

Encourages food production and reforestation of affected areas; with duration of 5 years. It is run by the Ministry of Rural Development and Land (MDRyT), Food Production Support Company (EMAPA), and the Forests and Land Supervision and Social Control Authority (ABT).

Country Bolivia
Home 2013
End 2017
Classification Manejo y conservación de recursos naturales, Políticas sobre tierras
FNS Dimension Estabilidad


Encourage, in properties which have been subject to unauthorized dumps, food production to ensure the fundamental right to Food Security with Sovereignty and the restoration of affected forest areas.

Components and/or products

Food production

It is oriented to agriculture and livestock, efficient, sustainable and prioritized production, based on differentiations by region, developed productive activity and types of property.

Restitution of Forest Areas affected

It is aimed at the restoration and protection of the legal conservation easements, and reforestation of affected areas of forest.

Target population

It applies to properties with clearance without authorization between July 12, 1996 and December 31, 2011, being exempted those located in protected areas that are part of the National System of Protected Areas and Forest Reserves created by Law or Supreme Decree.



Geographical coverage Rural
Responsible organism

Ministerio de Desarrollo Rural y Tierras

Executing organism Ministerio de Desarrollo Rural y Tierras
Normative framework

Ley N° 337 de Apoyo a la Producción a los Alimentos y Restitución de Bosques.