Basic Needs Trust Fund

About the program

It is a program that promotes poverty reduction through socio-economic initiatives and community empowerment. It is an initiative of the Government of Belize, the Government of Chain and Caribbean Development Bank.

Country Belize
Classification Development of production chains, Infraestructura sanitaria, Labor market and wages
FNS Dimension Acceso, Disponibilidad, Utilización


Improve social stability and increase the productivity of the most vulnerable population.


  1. The purpose of BNTF is interventions in the most vulnerable communities in order to:
  2. Increase productivity and income of the unemployed and underemployed.
  3. Improve the living standards of both urban and rural vulnerable communities.
  4. Expand and preserve the stock of essential social and economic infrastructure for economic growth.
  5. Strengthen community organizations so that they can initiate and manage change.
Components and/or products

Public utilities

The program provides the means to deliver public utilities directly to vulnerable communities.

Projects that can be financed:

  1. Development of drinking water systems.
  2. Improvements in education and health facilities.
  3. Creating access through improvements in the construction of roads, drains and footpaths.
  4. Construction / rehabilitation of facilities that improve the physical environment of the elderly, sick and children who are vulnerable and those living with HIV / AIDS.
  5. Training and improvement of skills for employment and self-employment.
  6. Training for health professionals to advise and provide services that help people at risk of contracting HIV / AIDS, and people living with it. It includes creating educational and promotional material.
  7. Community empowerment and infrastructure.
  8. Repair and construction of community facilities for retail.
Target population

Vulnerable communities.



Geographical coverage Urbano y rural
Responsible organism

Belize Social Investment

Executing organism Belize Social Investment
Related institutions Caribbean Development Bank
Canadian International Development Agency
Financial sources

Caribeean Development Bank Canadian International Development Agency Gobierno de Belice