National Employment Programme

About the program

This program’s target population is adolescents in a condition of unemployment, and aims to improve their chances of accessing the labor market through training for capacity building and creating temporary work opportunities.

Country Dominica
Home 2013
Classification Labor market and wages
FNS Dimension Acceso

Improve opportunities for unemployed youth to access the labor market, through training for capacity building and creating temporary work opportunities.

Components and/or products

Labor market access opportunity initiatives

  • On-the-Job Training & Mentorship Program: It seeks to develop job skills and work experience for unemployed youth; and assist small and medium enterprises to enhance their workforce. The initiative benefits 295 individuals in various businesses or organizations related to tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and the services sector, for 1 year. Employers provide guidance support and training during the period.
  • Community Employment Initiatives: Create sustainable employment in priority communities by providing support through community councils or community development groups to strengthen community projects, capacity building, skills development and beautification projects. Projects may include community, personal tourism centers, landscaping and cleaning, painting classes after school for students or other projects with potential to generate direct employment in the community.
  • Graduate Internship Program: Provides opportunities for individuals that are recent college graduates in order for them to acquire work experience and develop job skills for the progress of their profession. Graduates are employed by a period of one year in the public sector, non-governmental organizations and corporations.
  • Education Mentorship Program: Graduates of institutes are part-time employees that conduct classes or tutoring after school in the communities.
  • Adult Education to Work: Individuals that are beneficiaries of training in specific areas are hired for a period of one year.
  • Marketing Assistance Program: Aims to assist businesses in emerging markets, increase market awareness, generate publicity, and increase sales. The Ministry of Commerce implements a team that provides technical support to the small business sector. Services focus specifically on the development of web pages, brand development, packaging and labels, promotional activities, market research, market access, product distribution.
Target population
  1. Unemployed youth.
  2. Small and medium businesses.


Geographical coverage Urbano y rural
Responsible organism

Ministry of Trade, Energy and Employment

Executing organism Ministry of Trade, Energy and Employment