Market Access and Rural Enterprise Development Programme

About the program

Program that seeks to increase the income of young unemployed or self-employed people in 50 selected rural communities. To this end they are provided with access to technical assistance and training that allow them to generate economic activities in agriculture and non-agricultural.

Country Grenada
Classification Labor market and wages
FNS Dimension Acceso

Increase the income of unemployed or autonomous youth in rural areas by:

  1. Greater empowerment of rural community and members of rural social and economic organizations, and increase participation in development opportunities.
  2. Creation of employment opportunities, especially for young people (women and men) in rural areas.
  3. Establishing and strengthening micro and rural businesses.
  4. More sustainable agricultural practices, link to production chains and access to markets and financial services.
Components and/or products

Generation of human and social capital and inclusion of vulnerable groups

Through this component, the program promotes / supports:

  1. Training the community and young employees.
  2. Life skills and personal development training.
  3. Professional skills and training.
  4. Strengthening community-based organizations.
  5. Strengthening producers from community-based organizations.
  6. Strengthening associations and / or cooperatives.
  7. Investment in community infrastructure through the Rural Investment Fund (RIF) and national campaigns on gender issues and youth.

Market access and development initiatives

This component focuses on increasing income groups identified by strengthening and establishing competitive, profitable and sustainable rural businesses; and job opportunities. Thus better connections and better access to productive market chains are created. This is achieved through the following sub-components:

  1. Access to markets.
  2. Extension services.
  3. Development of business services.
  4. A fund (RIF) with 2 branches (productive investments and investment companies).
  5. Rural financial services, including the establishment of a rural financial background.
Target population

Women, men and youth in the rural sector who are employed (part time or full time) at:

  1. Small scale farming for subsistence or whose production is oriented to markets.
  2. Artisanal fisheries.
  3. And small rural businesses (agricultural and non-agricultural) companies.
  4. Unskilled labor benefits.


Geographical coverage Rural

Around 12,360 people benefit from the program.

Annual budget

Total: USD$7.5 million

Responsible organism

Ministry of Finance, Planning, Economic Development, Trade, Energy & Cooperatives

Executing organism Ministry of Finance, Planning, Economic Development, Trade, Energy & Cooperatives
Financial sources

Gobierno de Granada International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)