Red de Oportunidades

About the program

The "Red de Oportunidades" (Opportunities Network) is a program of the Ministry of Social Development which aims to insert the families in poverty and extreme poverty into the dynamics of national development, ensuring health services and education. The program consists of conditional cash transfers, supply of services, family support and territorial infrastructure.

Country Panama
Classification Development of production chains, Infraestructura sanitaria, Cash transfers
FNS Dimension Acceso, Disponibilidad, Utilización

Insert families living in poverty and extreme poverty into the dynamics of national development, ensuring health services and education.

Components and/or products

Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT)

It is a bi-monthly financial support given to women which are heads of household to be used for necessary basic services in order to enhance human development of younger members of the benefited household.

Families must meet the following conditionality in order to receive the CCT:

  1. Assist to pregnancy control checkups.
  2. Keep up to date vaccinations of children under 5 years of age.
  3. Ensure children’s attendance to school.
  4. Attend parent meetings in school.
  5. A household member must participate in training for strengthening and generating productive capital which is offered by different institutions.

Service Offering

The services offered by government entities promote human development and normalized family access to the diversity of services they are entitled:

  1. Health: Free care for all children under 5 years of age and for pregnant women in the family. Sexual and reproductive guidance is also offered.
  2. Education: Attention and (re)integration to elementary, middle and secondary schools for children and youths.
  3. Habitability: Training families about improving aspects of their conditions regarding material and social life.
  4. Civil registration: Guidance and regularization of registration of births and deaths of children, youth and adults from families who are not properly registered as Panamanian citizens or have not obtained their personal identity documents.
  5. Rural development: Promotion of technical development through learning activities that improve their environment and quality of life.

Family support

It is an intervention strategy at a local level in order to reinforce and enhance the impact of the Opportunities Network. It is designed to provide the beneficiary households that require support throughout their participation in the program, with the goal of providing it.

Territorial infrastructure

Government agencies focus their resources in the districts of extreme poverty, prioritizing investment in territorial infrastructure required to meet the needs of water, sanitation, rural electrification, roads and access roads in rural and indigenous areas.

Target population

Families living in poverty and extreme poverty.



Geographical coverage Urbano y rural
  1. 72,563 benefited households.
  2. Over 362,815 people benefited via CCT.
Responsible organism

Ministerio de Desarrollo Social

Executing organism Ministerio de Desarrollo Social
Financial sources

Organismo responsable.