School Meals

About the program

Is Panama’s School Feeding Program, the responsible institution is the Ministry of Education. It benefits, on a daily basis, children who attend school classrooms, giving them a snack consisting of nutritionally enhanced biscuits, milk and nourishing enriches cream (custard). It also conducts campaigns for Food and Nutrition Education to improve student’s lifestyles.

Country Panama
Classification Alimentación escolar, Extension and information on nutrition
FNS Dimension Acceso

It intends to benefit children which attend school, offering nutritional products of high quality and contribute to their energy input (from 320 to 330 kcal per modality) which is equivalent to a light snack, and also intends to meet nutrient-based needs (macro and micronutrients) which are essential for proper growth and development of school children.

Components and/or products

School meals

The program provides a nutritious school lunch which consists of nutritionally enhanced biscuits, milk and enriched cream (custard), consisting of a package of 34 grams of biscuits, 8 ounces of milk or 8 ounces of nourishing cream.

Food and nutrition education

For those parents who choose to prepare lunch boxes, in view of the problem of not knowing what to put in them, the Ministry of Education has implemented the “Discos-Loncheras” (lunchboxes), which is an explanation in a graphic form that shows how to prepare 3 different and healthy snacks for 30 days of consumption. This material has been distributed nationwide to all schools.

Target population

Children assisting school on a daily basis.



Geographical coverage Urbano

The Ministry of Education ensures the delivery of highly nutritious products to nearly 500,000 children who assist school on a daily basis in more than 3,500 educational centers nationwide.

Responsible organism

Ministerio de Educación

Executing organism Ministerio de Educación