Rural Productivity Project

About the program

The Rural Productivity Project of the Ministry of Agriculture encourages the participation of rural small-scale producers organized in productive partnerships, helping to increase their productivity and ensuring sustainable use of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity. The total project cost is USD 46, 900,000 for the period of 2007-2015.

Country Panama
Home 2007
End 2015
Classification Development of production chains, Manejo y conservación de recursos naturales
FNS Dimension Disponibilidad, Estabilidad

Contribute to increase income and employment among small-scale producers organized through participation in productive partnerships, ensuring sustainable use of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity.

Components and/or products

Support for productive partnerships

Preparatory activities that contribute to the presentation of business plans for productive partnerships are financed. They include: i) communication strategy designed to increase awareness of participation in PRORURAL; ii) business skills and organizational training for small-scale producers, iii) qualification of technical service providers who work with rural producers' associations, iv) preparation of business profiles, business plans and subprojects, and v) specific technical studies and consulting services that contribute to the implementation of PRORURAL and implementation of approved business plans.

Productive partnerships

Subprojects financed in the provinces of Herrera, Los Santos and Veraguas. They are financed in the context of business plans for productive partnerships. It includes: fixed capital, working capital and technical assistance.

Environmental subprojects and strengthening of the National System for Protected Areas

This is a component implemented by the National Environmental Authority (ANAM), it provides grants to some 450 small scale investments in natural resource management and productive opportunities that contribute to the conservation of global biodiversity and represent a viable and sustainable alternative to improve lifetime conditions. The component will also finance support services such as partnerships in order to facilitate the preparation of subprojects. 

Management, monitoring and evaluation

Target population

Small-scale producers



Geographical coverage Rural
Annual budget

Total: USD$46.90 million.

Responsible organism

Ministerio de Desarrollo Agropecuario

Executing organism Ministerio de Desarrollo Agropecuario
Financial sources

Banco Mundial