Programa de Desarrollo Productivo Rural

About the program

This Program seeks to improve the productivity of small farmers through financing in order for them to acquire better production technologies, while encouraging the development of research and partnerships to improve productivity between producer associations with public or private entities that are related to this area.

Country Uruguay
Home 2011
Classification Investigación y tecnología
FNS Dimension Disponibilidad


Improve the income of small and medium agricultural producers seeking to increase their productivity through the adoption of new technologies.

Components and/or products

Production support

The Production support component is implemented through two sub-components: (i) support for technology transfer; and (ii) promotion and development of adaptive technology.

The subcomponent related to technology transfer provides support to farmers in order to partially cover the cost of adopting new technologies; it is to be executed through management plans. This support covers, among others, the costs of technical assistance for the adoption of technologies and materials and inputs that make up the application of technologies. The amount of support is 50% of the costs to implement technologies and cannot exceed USD$8,000 per producer during program execution.

The sub-component of promotion and development of adaptive technology projects finances adaptive research and experimentation on producer’s plots, to be executed through strategic alliances between groups / associations of producers with public and / or private research institutions. Additionally, financing exists for the diffusion of results from research projects and consultancies funded for specific studies.

Institutional strengthening

This component will finance: (i) a training plan for the management of territorial intervention for the General Directorate for Rural Development (DGDR), institutions and rural organizations; (Ii) the formulation of strategic development plans of the territories; (Iii) information and dissemination, through the establishment of a web portal that allows the Rural Development Committees to exchange information; workshops for sharing experiences of those involved in territorial management at regional, national and international level, and dissemination workshops; (Iv) formulation of plans for institutional strengthening for rural organizations; and (v) the implementation of monitoring and evaluation.

Target population

Producers with up to 1,250 hectares CONEAT-100



Geographical coverage Rural
Annual budget

Total: USD$33,300,000

Responsible organism

Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries

Executing organism Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries
Financial sources

Inter-American Development Bank, Government Counterpart