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About the program

A CCT program aimed at pregnant women, children and adolescents of up to 18 years of age from socioeconomically vulnerable households. The delivery of this cash transfer is conditioned to school attendance and conducting regular medical checks.

Country Uruguay
Home 2008
Classification Cash transfers
FNS Dimension Acceso


Provide an economic benefit intended to complement the family income of the household in socioeconomically vulnerable households with dependent children.

Components and/or products

Conditional cash transfer

It consists of a monthly amount of money provided by the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) and the Social Security Bank (BPS) to families living in socioeconomic vulnerability. It is administered by the natural or legal persons exercising the legal responsibility of the child or youth. To receive this benefit, children, adolescents and young people must attend formal education and attend health checks. To receive the AFAMPE (Family Allowance Equity Plan) the family cannot be receiving any other family allowance. The household have the right to obtain the BPS benefits card.

Target population

Beneficiaries are as follows: pregnant women (prenatal), children and adolescents under 18, who are members of households living in socioeconomic vulnerability or are in full-time care in establishments of the Institute of the Child and Adolescent of Uruguay (INAU) or institutions with agreements or contracts with the Institute. In case the beneficiary receives a pension due to disability the Family Allowance is paid until age 18, provided the recipient study or that the disability justifies their attendance to educational institutions.



Geographical coverage Urbano y rural
Responsible organism

Banco de Previsión Social

Executing organism Banco de Previsión Social
Normative framework

Ley 18.227.

Financial sources

Organismo responsable