Programa de Alimentación Escolar

About the program

The program provides breakfast, lunch and snacks to students in public schools. Additionally, it delivers milk to children in order to ensure proper nutritional development.

Country Uruguay
Classification Alimentación escolar, Extension and information on nutrition
FNS Dimension Acceso, Utilización


Complementing the food provided at home, promoting learning abilities, improving the level of care in the classroom and school performance of children who attend public school cafeterias in the country.

Components and/or products

Food and nutrition assistance provided directly to the school population attending public schools within the country

PAE provides daily food to 248,590 school-children in public schools across the country.

Food assistance by category of service:

  • 71% - Lunch.
  • 16% - breakfast or snack.
  • 7% - Breakfast, lunch and snack.
  • 5% - Lunch and breakfast or snack.
  • 1% - Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

The type of service provided differs depending on the needs of schools:

  • Traditional, the staff from the Council for Initial and Primary Education (CEIP) prepares the school menu at the school. This mode exists in every department of the country.
  • Outsourced, the menu is made in companies that provide the service by tender. Present in Montevideo and Canelones.
  • Semi-outsourced, companies produce the menu in schools, provide the service by tender. Present in Montevideo, Canelones and Maldonado.
  • Monitoring the nutritional status of children in public schools across the country
  • Quality control and hygiene services in school cafeterias
  • Training in Quality Control and Food Hygiene

It trains staff involved in food service, directors and inspectors.

Development of food and nutrition education programs

Aimed for school-children, teachers and parents in order to encourage proper eating habits.

School Milk Program

It was implemented in 2003 and consists of distributing milk powder fortified with iron, liquid milk and milk with an extended shelf life, every month and nationwide.

Target population

School children attending public schools across the country



Geographical coverage Urbano y rural

PAE provides daily food to 248,590 school children school children across the country, which means 67% of all children enrolled in public schools. Over 90% of schools receive some type of food delivery.

Responsible organism

Consejo de Educación Inicial y Primaria

Executing organism Consejo de Educación Inicial y Primaria
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