Program for the Construction of Child Care and Development Centers – Maintenance of Education and Nutritional Centers – Comprehensive Centers for Child Nutrition

About the program

It is a program that builds and maintains student cafeterias (in schools and public schools), Centers for Education and Nutrition (CEN), Centers for Comprehensive Child Care and Nutrition (CEN-CINAI) and rural health posts, all nationwide. The institution in charge is the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

Country Costa Rica
Home 1975
Classification Alimentación escolar, Nutritional Health
FNS Dimension Utilización

General objective

To help improve the quality of services provided by the Program Provision of Health Services from the Nutrition and Child Development Division (CEN-CINAI) and Centers for Child Care and Development (CECUDI). Network Care and Comprehensive Development through actions regarding building improvements and extensions of the buildings where the beneficiary population is cared for which lives in poverty and extreme poverty.

Specific objectives

  1. Achieve the maintenance, expansion, adaptation and suitability of venues CEN-CINAI (currently in operation), so that within the venues the Network Care Program may operate, where the population with low development indicators are cared for and qualify within the range of poverty and extreme poverty.
  2. Achieve, through contracting, the construction of new buildings or headquarters in order for the Care Network to expand the coverage of the Network Care Program, where it serves a population with low development indicators and that qualify within the range of poverty or extreme poverty.
  3. Ensure that the physical infrastructure where the programs operate for the social sector is adequate regarding quality and field of the service, applying the current regulations on construction of buildings for the public, especially considering user safety and non-discrimination in access.

Period 2011-2014 Goal: To collaborate in the maintenance and repair of 27 CEN CINAI and the construction of 5 new offices for the network: CECUDI.

Components and/or products


  • Community infrastructure
    1. Construction and Maintenance of student cafeterias (in schools and public schools).
    2. Construction and Maintenance for Education and Nutrition Centers (CEN).
    3. Construction and Maintenance of Education and Nutrition Centers, Comprehensive Care and Child Nutrition Centers (CEN-CINAI).
    4. Construction and maintenance of rural health posts.

Delivering goods or services (products)

  • Concluded new constructions
    1. CEN-CINAI establishments.
    2. CECUDIS.
  • Maintenance for CEN-CINAI in operation.
Target population

User population of the "Education and Food Centers” - "Integrated Nutrition and Food Center" (CEN-CINAI) and "Care Centers and Child Development" (CECUDI) through maintenance and construction respectively; mostly in communities with a low "Social Development Index" (IDS), where populations living in poverty are concentrated; recommended by the Ministry of Health and the Joint Institute for Social Aid.



The investment to be made is nationwide with "geographical distribution"; requests from the Ministry of Health are addressed in relation to the CEN - CINAI and the Joint Institute for Social Aid for CECUDIS, which urgently need to be addressed.

Geographical coverage Urbano y rural
Responsible organism

Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes

Executing organism Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes
Related institutions Ministerio de Salud
Instituto Mixto de Ayuda Social
Ministerio de Educación Pública
Fondo de Desarrollo Social y Asignaciones Familiares
Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes