Tarjeta Uruguay Social

About the program

This program aims to provide to individuals living in vulnerable conditions the access to basic food products and the opportunity to feed themselves and buy necessities according to the characteristics of each family. This takes place through cash transfers provided by magnetic cards (the "Social Uruguay" card) plus delivery fortified milk for those families who have members younger than three years old.

Country Uruguay
Home 05.2006
Classification Cash transfers
FNS Dimension Acceso
Website https://www.gub.uy/.../tarjeta-uruguay-social


Enable people that live in extreme socioeconomic vulnerability access to products of the basic basket (food, cleaning and personal care) through a cash transfer and provide the ability to be selective according to their needs and family characteristics.

Components and/or products

Cash Transfer

The Uruguay Social Card (TUS) program provides a cash transfer to those households that are in a situation of extreme socioeconomic vulnerability. This transfer works through a debit card, which is pre-loaded with a certain amount of money and is usable within the network of Solidarity Shops across the country for the purchase of enabled items. Purchasing these items has the benefit of full VAT rebate.

The card is reloaded on a monthly basis with an amount of money according to the number of children under the age of 18 living at home. Households made up of adults without dependent children receive a lower amount. The 30,000 households that are in worse socioeconomic conditions receive a doubled amount; this is defined through the information gathered during the visit.

Details of the amounts:

  • If the number of children in the household is 0 to 1, the single cash transfer is 808 UYU
  • If the number of children in the household is 2, the single cash transfer is 1,225 UYU
  • If the number of children in the household is 3, the single cash transfer  is 1,559 UYU
  • If the number of children in the household is 4 or more, the single cash transfer is 2,172 UYU

TUS for trans people: In recognition of the social vulnerability of transgender people (transsexuals, transvestites and transgender), since September 2012 a TUS card is given to trans people who request it , without exception. The amount to be credited is the equivalent of households with a dependent child, i.e. UYU 808 (USD 27)

Iron Fortified Milk

Since January 2012, milk powder fortified with iron (More Milk) is delivered to the cardholder in whose home there are children of up to 3 years old and / or pregnant women. This action is part of a strategy to reduce infant anemia, which involves grave consequences for proper growth and development of children. To the monthly amount of the card, cash is added corresponding to a kilogram of milk more per child or pregnant woman from the household.

VAT rebate

Since September 2012, the purchase of any product with the card has the benefit of a full VAT rebate.

Target population

Uruguay Social Card

The target population of this program is composed by 60 thousand households which live in  socioeconomically vulnerable conditions across the country.

All trans population (transsexuals, transvestites and transgender), without exception.

Iron Fortified Milk

Cardholders which have as members of their household children up to the age of 3 and/or pregnant women.



Geographical coverage Urbano y rural
Responsible organism

Ministerio de Desarrollo Social

Executing organism Ministerio de Desarrollo Social
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