School Nutrition Programme

About the program

Since the '50s school feeding initiatives exist in Trinidad and Tobago. This program provides breakfast and lunch to vulnerable students from Trinidad attending preschool education, primary, secondary and special schools.

Country Trinidad and Tobago
Classification Alimentación escolar
FNS Dimension Acceso
Components and/or products

Breakfast and/or school lunch

Trinidad vulnerable students who are in preschool, primary, secondary and special schools receive breakfast and / or lunch from the program. The Director of the school, based on the socioeconomic status of the student's family, should encourage the student to participate in the program. The breakfast and / or lunch is with no cost to the beneficiaries upon recommendation of the Director.

Target population
  1. Vulnerable students of early childhood education, Early Childhood Care and Education Center(ECCE).
  2. Vulnerable students from private, public or government-assisted primary schools.
  3. Vulnerable students from private, public or government-aided secondary schools.
  4. Vulnerable students under 21 years of age from institutions or centers designated by the State for educational purposes.


Geographical coverage Urbano y rural
Annual budget

2014: TTD$258,660,000 (USD$39,912,800)

2015 (estimated): TTD$250,000,000 (USD$38,576,600)

Responsible organism

Ministry of Education

Executing organism National Schools Dietary Services Limited
Financial sources