Unemployment Relief Programme

About the program

The URP is a temporary employment program, which seeks to benefit the vulnerable unemployed through their remunerated participation in works of community interest. In addition, recipients receive job training in order to facilitate their return to the labor market.

Country Trinidad and Tobago
Home 2010
Classification Labor market and wages
FNS Dimension Acceso
Website http://www2.mpsd.gov.tt/.../unemployment-relief-programme-urp-social

Promote human development through initiatives to improve skills, especially in vulnerable communities.

Components and/or products

Employment opportunities

The program provides opportunities for short-term employment in vulnerable communities, focusing on improving physical and social infrastructure.


The program includes training and skills upgrading opportunities for individual beneficiaries of the program, particularly single mothers of children with cerebral palsy.

Target population
  1. Vulnerable communities.
  2. Single mothers with children with cerebral palsy.


Geographical coverage Urbano y rural
Annual budget

2014: TTD$572,518,625 (USD$88,343,200)

2015 (estimated): TTD$717,500,000 (USD$110,731,000)

Responsible organism

Ministry of Social Development and Family Services

Executing organism Ministry of Social Development and Family Services
Financial sources