National Social Development Programme

About the program

The program is focused on facilitating access of the population to basic services such as clean water and electricity. In order to accomplish the aforementioned, community funding is provided for water and electrification infrastructure, as well as economic aid delivery to vulnerable families so they can be incorporated to these services.

Country Trinidad and Tobago
Classification Development of production chains, Extension and information on nutrition, Infraestructura sanitaria
FNS Dimension Disponibilidad, Utilización

Ensure that vulnerable people of Trinidad and Tobago in their homes have access to reliable and sustainable piped water and electricity supplies, and help provide improved sanitary facilities and recreational facilities in vulnerable communities.

Components and/or products

Improved water supplies

Focused on improving water supply services to the population. Providing special emphasis on areas where the most vulnerable families live.

  1. Pipe fitting (less than 1 km);
  2. Installation of booster pumps;
  3. Installation of communal water tanks;
  4. Trucked water supply in areas affected by drought.

Electrification and lighting of community facilities

Component focused on providing a safe, reliable and economical electricity supply.

  1. Electrification of residential communities;
  2. Electrification and / or lighting of community facilities;
  3. Grant funding for families that cannot cover the costs;
  4. Electrification and lighting of roads and desolate areas.

Electrical wiring for houses

Provides access to electricity to individuals and families. Community facilities may also be beneficiaries. Assistance is provided once with materials and workmanship.

  1. Wiring for the first time, existing homes that do not have wiring and new construction.
  2. Renovation of electrical installations, installations where wiring is old and defective and can cause fires.
  3. Materials, material assistance is offered only in the case of the first wiring sets or the wiring is replaced at the discretion of the Ministry.

Sanitary plumbing materials

Assistance for the purchase of materials.

Minor repairs of houses

Provides materials and / or labor to repair roofs and other minor structural repairs.

Development and improvement of playgrounds for children

It provides recreational options for children, while also assists in preventing obesity and related lifestyle diseases of the elderly. It supplies, installs and maintains equipment in communities.

Target population

Population, families and vulnerable communities in Trinidad and Tobago.



Geographical coverage Urbano y rural
Responsible organism

Ministry of Social Development and Family Services

Executing organism Ministry of Social Development and Family Services
Financial sources