Programa Tekoporâ

About the program

Since 2005 serves households in extreme poverty by delivering cash transfers, subject to compliance with requirements, for 72 consecutive months. The initiative is  a responsibility under the Ministry of Social Action and has national coverage.

Country Paraguay
Home 2005
Classification Cash transfers
FNS Dimension Acceso

General objective

Improve the quality of life of the participant population, through the effective exercise of basic rights protected in the national constitution: Food, health and education.

The aforementioned, increases the use of basic services and strengthens social networks (in order to cut the interregional transmission of poverty).

Specific objectives

  • Increase the resources of the households CCTs;
  • Provide support for families and communities, through systematic accompaniment support to facilitate compliance responsibilities;
  • Capacity building for family and community work, in conditions which ensure citizen participation.
Components and/or products

CCT for Food

It benefits all members from the families that participate in the Program. It is the base contribution of this initiative; it delivers PYG$90,000 (USD$16) through a magnetic card or cash every two months, subject to compliance with the requirements of education (enrollment and regular attendance of children to school; participation of older children in literacy programs) and health (growth controls, development and vaccination for children, pre-natal controls for pregnant women).

Support in Education and Health

It benefits children of up to 18 years of age and pregnant women from the beneficiary family, with a cash transfer of PYG$40,000 (USD$7) per beneficiary. The benefit is subject to compliance with requirements related to health (controls growth, development and vaccination for children, pre-natal checks for pregnant) and education (enrollment and 85% attendance of children to school).

Support for Seniors

It benefits adults over 65 years old with a transfer of PYG$40,000 (USD$7). Delivery is conditional on attendance to basic care controls for beneficiaries.

Disability Support

It is given to disabled members of the beneficiary family. It consists of a transfer of PYG$75,000 (USD$13) for the user, with the conditionality of assistance to basic health controls by the beneficiaries.

Target population

Families living in extreme poverty and vulnerability, which has among its member’s children and youths from the ages of 0 to 18, disabled individuals and pregnant women.



Geographical coverage Urbano y rural

The Tekoporã program currently protects 111,896 families in 168 districts of 17 departments, of which 7,760 families belong to 264 different indigenous communities.

Annual budget

2015: PYG$302,257,569,856

Responsible organism

Secretariat for Social Action

Executing organism Secretariat for Social Action
Normative framework

Decreto N° 1928/2009

Financial sources

Resources from the Treasury and Taxes