Productive Solidarity Grant

About the program

This is a Program run by the Directorate of Agricultural Science and Technology (DICTA) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG). This program began implementation in 2010 and will be completed by 2014, it aims to deliver inputs, technical assistance, training and funding for basic food-producing families and families dedicated to growing basic grains.

Country Honduras
Home 2010
End 2014
Classification Technical Assistance, Financing and credit, Insumos productivos
FNS Dimension Disponibilidad

General objective

Contribute to food security and improving the quality of life of small farmers, using appropriate technologies that generate an increase in production and productivity of basic grains creating market surpluses and an increase in revenue.

Specific objectives

  1. Insert the small producer into the production chains of basic grains with production surpluses.
  2. Transferring genetic material of excellent quality and fertilizer to small farmers under agro-climatic conditions of the country, in order to improve production levels and productivity.
  3. Strengthen the technical capacity of farmers through training in the use of improved crop management practices.
  4. Contribute to economic capitalization of small farmers and develop their capacities related to market organization and management of rural credit unions.
  5. Produce within the country seed of basic grains, as the project demands, certifying grain producers for the seed industry.
  6. Empowering small producers in the artisan production of seed for future crops.
  7. Establish appropriate financial mechanisms for the grain production sector for those that own areas of more than 5 hectares and less than 20 hectares, in order to introduce technology cultivation and generate an increase in production and productivity of basic grains.

2010-2014: Distribute annually 150,000 bonds for a total of 600,000 bonds in the period, between small producers for them to plant the same number of acres of basic grains. Provide technical assistance in participatory groups for 20% of the project beneficiaries. Train 150,000 farmers and producers in organization and management of rural banks. Produce, together with the private sector, annually 80,000 quintals of seed of basic grains to meet domestic demand for this Project.

Components and/or products
  • Inputs and fertilizers: a solidarity bonus is the provision of improved seeds inputs and fertilizers for planting one acre of cultivation of basic grains.
  • Technical assistance and training: Along with the solidarity grant, the Directorate of Agricultural Science and Technology provides recipients with technical assistance and training.
  • Funding: financially support the grain producer sector to introduce technology for cultivation and generate increased production and productivity.
Target population

220,000 families producing staple foods and other families dedicated to growing basic grains that have an average corn yield of 10 to 15 bushels per acre, and beans 5-8 quintals per acre.



Geographical coverage Rural

2010-2014: 220,000 families.

Responsible organism

Secretaría de Agricultura y Ganadería

Executing organism Dirección de Ciencia y Tecnología Agropecaria
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