Urban and Suburban Agriculture Program

About the program

This is an urban agriculture program that is based on the fact that about 75% of the population of Cuba lives in towns and cities, so it is necessary to concentrate on production related to vegetables and fruits.

Country Cuba
Classification Development of production chains, Insumos productivos, Investigación y tecnología
FNS Dimension Disponibilidad
Website http://www.cubagob.cu/


Support local food self-sufficiency.

Social objective

Contribute to meeting the food demand of the local population, using agro ecological technologies based on mobilizing and creating a high degree of territorial sustainability based on production inputs that all producers need: seeds, organic fertilizer, agro-ecological management of pests, etc.

Components and/or products
  • Productive inputs
  • Agro ecological technology

It is based on the fact that about 75% of the population of Cuba lives in towns and cities, so production must be brought closer to the population. That is the main purpose of this urban agriculture program, which focuses on the production of vegetables and fruits because they are of difficult transportation over long distances, especially with the high temperatures and humidity of the island. In addition, there are numerous empty or underused spaces in cities and periphery that can be used in food production and there is a plentiful labor force available in the cities. Finally, waste can be used from production in order to feed animals or feed plants through processing and production of organic fertilizers.

Urban production has a total area of 10,000 hectares and is mainly focused on the intensive production of leafy vegetables and fruits.

Its commercialization is direct to the user. There are 142,000 suburban farms (142,000 families) that are in different units across the country.

Commercialization of urban agriculture distributes products obtained locally in neighborhoods directly, without transportation or fuel costs through its network of outlets, which are properly located.

Target population

Urban and suburban population from towns and cities.



Geographical coverage Urbano