State Policy for the Agri-Food Sector and Rural Environment of Honduras

General information

The document describes the policies needed to transform Honduran agriculture, from an emphasis on primary production to modern agriculture that comprises primary agricultural, livestock, forestry, fishing, and including the industrial processing of these products and inputs and capital goods, its commercialization, the market, consumption and all support services in a context of sustainable development and  value chains that consider quality, competitiveness, profitability and whose benefits are shared equitably in society.

Country Honduras
Type Polìtica
Date 2003 - 2020
Responsible institution

Secretaría de Agricultura y Ganadería (SAG)



  1. Achieve the transformation of the agro-food sector, in order to significantly increase its contribution to economic growth, increasing its competitiveness and ability to be inserted successfully in the international economy and to competitively supply the domestic market through sustainable use of resources.
  2. Help reduce poverty, in which a large part of the rural population live through and provide food security for the country. In order to accomplish this, welfare responses are not enough but an integrated approach should be conceived in order to include the people into the nation’s development, thereby protecting democratic governance. 

Strategic guidelines

  1. Transformation of the agricultural sector.
  2. Poverty reduction and increased rural welfare.
Target population

Agri-food Sector and Rural Environment of Honduras.