Plan Sectorial de Desarrollo Agropecuario

General information

The Plan contains sectoral policies (Strategic Axes) which constitute general guidelines for the development of the sector which are implemented through priority programs, from 2010 to 2020, in the areas regarding support for agricultural production, treatment of land, forest resources and development of coca and its industrialization, to move towards food security and sovereignty within the framework of an integrated and sustainable rural development without exclusion for the benefit of farmers, peasants, indigenous and native peoples.

 It contains 8 sectoral policies called Sectorial Strategic Axes, with a comprehensive and sustainable basis for a plural and diverse rural economy where strengthening economic, technical and institutional capacities of all rural stakeholders is privileged, with emphasis on groups that have previously been socially excluded and economically subordinated, enhancing the existing producers associations, their local, regional and national networks.

Country Bolivia
Type Plan
Classification Production conditions, Production, Sanitary conditions, Emergencies and natural resources
Date 2009 - 2019
Responsible institution

Ministerio de Desarrollo Rural y Tierras (MDRyT)

Related institutions

Ministerio de Planificación del Desarrollo

Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Agua (MMAyA)


Strategic Axes

  • Promotion of equitable distribution, possession and access to land and forest.
  • Agricultural Production for Food Security and Sovereignty.
  • Productive agricultural development.
  • Productive and social territorial management in new community settlements.
  • Generation of income and sustainable agricultural surpluses.
  • Access to water for irrigation.
  • Diversification of goods and services provided by the forest through sustainable use of forest resources.
  • Institutional Strengthening for Agriculture and Forestry.
Target population

Farmers, peasants, indigenous and native people from the rural areas of the country.