A National Strategy for Agriculture in Guyana

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The strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture states that the vision for 2020 is that agriculture is the vehicle for sustainable economic and social prosperity. It is based on 5 strategic approaches to agriculture:

  1. Food security - Strengthening the end of hunger in Guyana, ensuring that everyone has enough food in each community.
  2. Make fiber and nutritious food accessible by citizens - nutrition security for all.
  3. Fuel production - Helping the development of alternative fuel sources, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and creating a bio-energy industry in Guyana.
  4. Cosmetics and health products - An agro-processing industry to create a new industry in Guyana.
  5. Furniture and crafts - An industry that is expected to grow in Guyana.
Country Guyana
Type Estrategia
Classification Production conditions, Production
Date 01.01.2013 - 12.12.2020
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Website http://agriculture.gov.gy/
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  1. Expand and make agro-diversity Policy and programs sustainable.
  2. A new focus on farming  systems and techniques, biotechnology and precision agriculture.
  3. It reaffirms that security of water resources, and therefore the management of water resources is crucial.
  4. Strengthens the focus on infrastructure development for the agricultural sector.
  5. Sets soil quality as a top priority in the development of a modern and effective agricultural sector, ensuring food security, economic benefits and environmental protection.
  6. Animal and plant health and protection as a platform for modern farming practices in Guyana.
  7. Increase livestock production as a priority in agricultural strategy and diversification of the agricultural portfolio of Guyana.
  8. Increased production of fish is important in the diversification of the agricultural profile and support the growth of agriculture in Guyana.
  9. Maintain high rice production as a critical way to maintain an annual growth in the agricultural sector and maintaining high profits of agricultural exports.
  10. Increase sugar production to 450,000 tons per year.
  11. Increase production and crop diversification.
  12. Agro- processing and adding value is transformed into a new development pole for agriculture.
  13. Identify marketing as an important area for the realization of the country's vision regarding the agricultural sector as it is the vehicle for economic and social prosperity in Guyana.
  14. It recognizes the importance of transport, packaging and storage as crucial elements in order to support a modern and effective agricultural sector.
  15. Reiterates the imperative effort to ensure a farm working force by developing human resources as part of the strategy to accelerate agricultural development in Guyana.
  16. States that food security and nutrition as a fundamental imperative for agricultural development in Guyana.
  17. Guides Guyana's agricultural sector in order to generate a capacity for bio-fuels.
  18. Be environmentally sustainable through the agricultural sector.
  19. Guyana urges continued development in reducing agricultural irrigation and disaster management program.
  20. Identifies meteorology and weather as part of farming life.
  21. Searches for availability, land tenure and zoning in order to make agriculture easier for farmers and entrepreneurs.
  22. Supports significant long-term research and development as an important prerequisite for increasing productivity, profits and enhance competitive investment.
  23. Strong organizational structures.
  24. Legislative and policy framework.
  25. Program funding mechanisms for agriculture.
Target population

Agricultural sector in general.