National Poverty Reduction Strategy 2011 - 2015

General information

It contains social, macroeconomic and structural policies and programs that will be implemented over the next five years (2011-2015) to promote growth, reduce poverty and improve living conditions. The strategy is based on five pillars of action:

  1. Growth and income generation.
  2. Expanding employment opportunities and income generation for the benefit of the most vulnerable.
  3. Modernizing social protection and increased resilience of the most vulnerable.
  4. Good governance and public sector management.
  5. Build resilience through environmental sustainability.

This national strategy for poverty reduction therefore has the potential to improve access to food for low-income households, increasing their income through increased access to employment and new opportunities for income generation, and guarantee more effective social protection to the most vulnerable segments of the population.

Country Antigua and Barbuda
Type Estrategia
Classification Production conditions, Income, Emergencies and natural resources
Date 2010 - 2014
Responsible institution

Gobierno de Antigua y Barbuda


General objective

Reduce poverty and vulnerability to poverty by involving the most vulnerable to approaches which contribute to improving their skills for their own development.

Specific objectives

  1. Eliminate poverty and reduce poverty to a single-digit percentage through recovery, growth and transformation of the economy, and through increased opportunities for income generation and employment opportunities for the adult population.
  2. Increase food security through reducing price volatility and impacts of global crises in food prices and gasoline.
  3. Universalizing access to primary and secondary education, with enrollment of 100% in both areas, and ensure consistent quotas for boys and girls with accordance to the proportion of the population.
  4. Reduce the incidence of all lifestyles diseases including HIV / AIDS by half, reversing the spread of HIV / AIDS and end the HIV prevalence among pregnant women.
  5. Ensure universal access to toilets in every home.
  6. Provide safe property tenure to all households, ending the raids.
  7. Modernizing the social protection system, ensuring that those in need have access to basic social services and opportunities for them to improve or achieve their potential.
  8. Promoting good governance and strengthening public sector management in order to increase transparency and accountability.
  9. Reduce the risk of Antigua and Barbuda to natural and climatic disasters, particularly for those sectors of the population who are most vulnerable.
Target population

Most vulnerable population of Antigua and Barbuda.