Leyes y decretos sectoriales en Argentina: Régimen Laboral

  • Argentina

    Ley 26.727 Régimen Trabajo Agrario

    Law 26.727 Régimen de Trabajo Agrario entails restoration and expansion of worker’s labor rights, established for the first time in 1944 via the "Statute of the Land Worker", and repealed by the de facto government in 1980 to be replaced by a Decree (No. 22.248) which doesn’t consider the regulation of labor relations with "non-permanent workers".

    The new legislation creates a new provisional regime that reduces from 65 (60 for women) to 57 years the retirement age and to 25 years of contributions, and incorporates a paternity leave of 15 days. This Law also recognizes rural workers with minimum wages determined by the National Council of Agricultural Work, which may not be less than the vital and mobile minimum wage, and fixes payment periods and places. It also sets an eight hour working day (42 hours per week); it recognizes the payment of overtime, weekly rest and better adequate conditions of hygiene and safety as basic requirements for their labor activity.