Governance scheme and FNS policy coordination in Peru

National level FNS rectory

The Multi-sectoral Commission for Food Safety is responsible for coordinating, evaluating and prioritizing sector policies and measures to ensure Food Security for the population.

The Technical Committee is the operational and deliberative entity of the Multi-sectoral Commission, which is composed of representatives from institutions specializing in issues related to Food Security, both from the public and private sector. It is chaired by the Technical Secretariat of the Inter-ministerial Commission for Social Affairs of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The Technical Secretariat of the Committee is a part of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Functions and attributions

The functions of the Multi-sectoral Commission for Food Security:

  1. Formulate in a concerted and participatory manner, taking into account international commitments of the country, the National Strategy for Food Security, in the medium and long term. This Strategy will include priorities and guidelines for the development of policies and sectoral plans at a national, regional or local level.
  2. Formulate the National Food and Nutrition Plan, based on the National Strategy for Food Security.
  3. Assess whether sectoral policies are coherent with the National Strategy for Food Security, considering the recommendations and adjustments deemed appropriate.
  4. Promote mechanisms and measures to ensure proper coordination and complementarity between the programs and projects in the sectors related to the National Strategy for Food Security, avoiding duplication and overlap.
  5. Encourage the participation of representatives from public institutions, regional and local governments, and institutions representing society in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of the National Strategy for Food Security.
  6. Present an annual report on progress to the Council of Ministers regarding the implementation of the National Strategy for Food Security and a biennial report on the state of food insecurity in Peru.
  7. Prepare the required reports of progress regarding implementation of the Plan of Action of the World Food Summit of 1996.
  8. Promote, within the population and institutions of public and private sector, awareness of the content, objectives and principles of the National Strategy for Food Security.

The Multi-sectoral Commission for Food Security consists of the following main members:

  1. The President of the Council of Ministers, who will preside.
  2. The Minister of Agriculture.
  3. The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism.
  4. The Minister of Education.
  5. The Minister of Women and Social Development.
  6. The Minister of Production.
  7. The Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  8. The Minister of Health.
  9. The Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion.
  10. The President of the Integrated Committees for Poverty Reduction.

Each member of the Multi-sectoral Committee has a representative or deputy member, appointed by Ministerial Resolution. Deputy members are entitled to attend the sessions of the Commission, only in case of impediment or absence of the main representatives.

Civil society and other actors participation in the FNS policy
Conformation formula

Public and private institutions, as well as a natural person and a legal entity interested in the work of the Multi-sectoral Commission, can make proposals and recommendations, all of which must be channeled through the Technical Committee.

FNS Monitoring
Action description

Está prevista en la ENSAN la implementación de un Sistema de Seguimiento y Monitoreo de la Estrategia de SAN, que todavía está siendo implementado. Hay expectativa de implementar la ENSAN a nivel de regiones y de las municipalidades.

Action coordination

La COMSAN es responsable por la coordinación de las acciones de monitoreo de SAN y la implementación del Sistema de Seguimiento y Monitoreo de la Estrategia de SAN. Es presidida por el Ministerio de Agricultura e integrado por 13 sectores de Gobierno y la sociedad civil.

Involved sectors

La COMSAN es integrada por los Ministros de Agricultura; Comercio Exterior y Turismo; Educación; Mujer y Desarrollo Social; Producción; Relaciones Exteriores; Salud; Trabajo y Promoción del Empleo; y el Presidente de la Mesa de Concertación de Lucha contra la Pobreza. Hay también representantes de la sociedad civil.