Governance scheme and FNS policy coordination in Argentina

National level FNS rectory

The National Commission for Nutrition and Food is the organization responsible for national FSN and is composed of representatives from the Ministries of Health, Social Development and Environment, Education, Economy, Labor, Employment and Training Human Resources, Production and Non-Governmental Organizations duly accredited in each if their areas. The Provincial Commissions with similar constituents and Municipal and/or Communal Commissions with similar committees are also members of the National Commission.

Functions and attributions


  1. Design strategies for the implementation of the National Nutrition and Food Program.
  2. Determine the criteria for access to the program and the conditions for permanence d continuity in it.
  3. To ensure equity and fairness in food services and health care.
  4. To set control mechanisms that enable ongoing assessment of the progress of the Program and its results, as well as the compliance of the beneficiaries to the requirements to remain in it.
  5. To give the Program the broadest diffusion, mainly specifying the information needed to access the plan in a simple and direct way.
  6. To implement a program of nutritional education as an essential tool that encourages the development of permanent behaviors that allow people to decide about healthy eating in each phase: production, selection, and procurement, handling and biological use of food.
  7. To establish the Permanent System for the Evaluation of the Population’s Nutritional Status, coordinating with government agencies that are experts in food and nutritional matters and with the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC), for the creation of a risk map.
  8. To incorporate all necessary control mechanisms ensuring that the funds are allocated towards the care of the beneficiaries. This requires implementing a Single Registry for Beneficiaries.
  9. Promote exclusive breastfeeding up to six (6) months, including nutritional support for mothers up to twelve (12) months of life of their children in cases where it deems necessary.
  10. To ensure the development of early stimulation activities for children up to the age of five, which have been abandoned, and are a part of families at risk.
  11. Ensure social assistance and guidance to families regarding the care of their children and care during pregnancy.
  12. Enter into management agreements with the various jurisdictions to set goals and objectives to achieve. If verified breaches exist to the established provisions, the Government may terminate this agreement.

The National Commission for Nutrition and Food consists of: representatives from the Ministries of Health, Social Development and Environment, Education, Economy, Labor, Employment and Training of Human Resources, Production and non-governmental organizations duly accredited in the area; Provincial Commissions with similar members; and municipal and / or community members with similar committees.