The right to food in Colombia

Right to food legal framework

Colombia in its 1991 Constitution recognizes explicitly and directly the right to food, this is recognized and applicable only to specific population categories:

  • A balanced diet is a fundamental right of children (Article 44).
  • During pregnancy and postpartum, women enjoy special assistance and protection from the state, and they receive a food subsidy if she is unemployed or homeless (Article 43).
  • The State guarantees senior citizens a food subsidy in case of poverty and destitution (Article 46).
Associated sectoral laws
Right to food normative source

Conpes 113 2008 que crea la Comisión Intersectorial de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional - CISAN.

Ley 1355 de 2009 que establece disposiciones en relación con la referida Comisión Intersectorial, en cuanto a la definición, funciones e integración.

Decreto 1115 de 2014, por el cual se integran disposiciones en cuanto a la Comisión Intersectorial de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional- CISAN.